the rise of the awesome explainer video

DON’T MISS YOUR ONE CHANCE TO IMPRESS with an explainer video…

“I think one of the most common mistakes in campaign explainer videos is poorly planned or simply not thought through the content or audience,” says Hansen. “A second is poor production quality to the point where it’s completely distracting. This is especially true of multimedia projects, or projects looking to raise very large sums of money. Your job in the video is to inspire action on the part of the viewer. If you don’t inspire confidence because the video is lackluster, disingenuous, or unplanned (notice I didn’t say unscripted–that can work, but is usually carefully planned). Again, this is your chance to make an impression–so don’t blow it!”

Good luck and give me a shout (or tell us about it in the comments) if you have great examples of Kickstarter projects and practices:

–K Sheldon is an independent filmmaker and photographer and the cofounder of , an authentic travel series that is currently crowd-funding to revolutionize travel shows and travel content for tablets. Support independent artists and back Humanity.TV here: Humanity.TV: Inspiring Authentic Travel Through Local Stories.

–Nathaniel  is an award-winning filmmaker and media artist. Since 2010, Nathaniel has helped his colleagues raise over $500,000 on Kickstarter and is frequently sought out as a speaker and consultant for crowdfunding. He is currently expanding his best Kickstarter practices and techniques into an 80-page ebook. Check out his current Kickstarter campaign Kupuna, an interactive documentary that documents the small Hawaiian town of La’ie through the experiences and collective memories of its elderly, indigenous residents.